T4 Mineral Makeup Product Profile

Discover T4 Natural Mineral Makeup and Tzone lifetime complimentary monthly 30% glycolic all natural miracle face peels.
mineral makeup
T4 Mineral Makeup & Liquids are light diffusing and a special combination of minerals and pigments that offer complete coverage. The mineral liquids are water resistant, SPF 15 to SPF 30-protecting the skin, noncomedogenic, perfect for those with acne, sensitive, or allergy prone skin. Completely free of oils, dyes and perfumes with an added benefit of titanium and zinc oxide SPF-protecting the skin from UVA & UVB radiation. Recommended by the American Cancer Foundation.

Creme foundations discolor the natural skin creating sallowness over years of use. Creme foundations also sit in the crevices of the skin and in the fine lines of the eyes creating an older appearance than one's actual age. Minerals are light diffusing, they sit on top of the skin creating an instant facelift and take years off the appearance of facial skin.

A concealer, foundation, powder & sunblock all in one but so light that those who normally do not wear foundation, love it!

  • T4 SPF 15 Liquid Mineral Foundation - 1.2 oz. - $39.50
  • T4 Bronzing Powder- 10 gr - $39.50
  • T4 Waterproof/Smudge-Proof Lipliner - $23.50
  • T4 Luxury Volume + Lengthening Mascara - $25.50
  • T4 SPF 20 Mineral Tint Moisturizer - 1 oz. - $39.50
  • T4 Photo Touch Corrective Concealer - 2.5 gr. - $35.00
  • T4 Flat Top Brush - 28.50
  • T4 Baked Finishing Powder - 10 gr. - $39.50
  • T4 Organic Lip-Cheek- Eye Tints - $32.00
  • T4 Smudge-Proof Eyeliner - $23.50