Tzone Products FAQ


1.) How does Tzone Guarantee lifetime monthly complimentary 30% glycolic all natural miracle peels without compromising on the quality of ingredients?

Tzone is an organic company that only grows by word of mouth. The anatomy of the buzz from satisfied clients across the country due to visible improvement in their skin allows Tzone to put all its finances into the quality and integrity of medical grade chemical peel ingredients found in their Glycolic and Jessner monthly complimentary peels rather than spending these dollars in fancy advertising campaigns to entice consumers to try their skin repair program.

2.) What is the difference between a cosmeceutical/dermaceutical skin repair product like Tzone and a cosmetic product like Lancome?

A cosmeceutical/dermaceutical skin repair product such as T4 Skin Care's 20% Extreme C Treatment is much stronger than Lancome’s 3% Vitamin C Crème. Often, cosmeceuticals are the highest strength of ingredients allowed by the FDA without needing a doctor’s prescription and most often found in dermatologists and medical spa offices and Tzone only uses dermaceutical ingredients such as potent antioxidants, enzymes, retinol and immune supporting ingredients such as Green Tea and CoQ10 that exfoliate, nourish, hydrate and protect, while avoiding the use of inexpensive toxic ingredients found in many cosmetic products.

3.) How can Tzone afford such high quality and high strength ingredients at half the retail cost of it's competitors such as Obaji, Dermatologica and Kinerase?

Again, it all stems back to Tzone's commitment to invest its financial resources into the quality of the latest technology in age-reversing ingredients rather than in advertising campaigns to find consumers to use their skin repair products. Tzone is willing to maintain a small client base and deliver the most advanced skin repair technology at an affordable price rather than witness frustrated clients who battle acne, rosacea, sun damage and dry skin because they cannot afford the products needed to repair their skin condition. Our key ingredients are either botanically derived or bioengineered from plant sources and are carefully selected based upon research demonstrating true efficacy. Natural herbal extracts are blended with water based emulsions to provide results. No artificial dyes or sensitizing fragrances are used. Botanicals are chosen from the finest sources around the world and indigenous to their origin. The herbs are harvested at the correct time of year when the benefits of the plants are at their peak, as well as the correct time of day when the plant's synergy are at their peak.

4.) How many Tzone Home Care products do I need to qualify for lifetime, monthly, complimentary 30% glycolic peels?

Tzone uses an honor system and requires its clients to purchase 4 home care products on a quarterly basis. Because of the quality of our ingredient formulations our products last about 3 months when used twice daily. Our Mineral Enhancement line such as our mineral powders and SPF 20 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer also qualify as 1 of the 4 home care products necessary on a quarterly basis to qualify for lifetime monthly AHA/BHA peels. A client does not have to purchase all 4 products at once. A client may have to use up an existing cleanser or moisturizer before replacing it with a Tzone cosmeceutical/dermaceutical product suited to repair his/her particular skin damage issue. Tzone is not a company that focuses on selling. Tzone is a company that focuses on serving and cares about repairing environmentally damaged skin. Tzone has a convenient 2-1-1 program whereby clients purchase 2 products 1 month and 1 product in the following 2 consecutive months in order to receive monthly AHA/BHA peels. Everyone needs the basic 4 in skin care considered as cleanser, toner, 1 treatment product to address a particular skin issue such as acne or sun spots and 1 good moisturizer to maintain excellent skin health even though the options are endless for other types of Tzone products that are bested suited for different skin types.

5.) What is the benefit of monthly medical grade, all natural AHA/BHA peeling?

Many clients convert to Tzone's skin repair program because of the frustration they experienced spending hundreds of dollars on chemical peels or laser or photo facial treatments only to experience a return in a damaged skin condition such as sun spots, rosacea, acne, or blotchy skin. After about 4 to 6 monthly glycolic peels a client has completely rejuvenated their top layer of skin. But, what the medical spa world will not tell you is that the results of a series of chemical peels will only give a rejuvenating lasting effect to the facial skin for about 3 to 4 months. The skin eventually reverts back to its old condition due to the lack of fibroblast stimulation from monthly chemical peeling and due to the re-exposure of the skin to sun and environmental conditions that re-create sun spots, rosacea, premature skin wrinkling and free radical damage and free radical damage can produce non-melanoma skin cancer. Every dermatologist will tell you that the best cancer-proofing skin treatment is chemical peeling because it clears up precancerous lesions called actinic keratoses and every dermatologist will tell you that the fastest way to complexion perfection and lineless, poreless skin is chemical peeling.

6.) Is it safe to receive an ongoing Tzone monthly complimentary 30% glycolic peel?

Each monthly peel can go a little deeper, addressing more fine lines and discoloration and promoting more collagen production, if performed before a layer of dead skin cells has had a chance to build up again. The ingredients in our medical grade, all natural medical grade peel are glycolic, the smallest molecule available to penetrate the skin faster and deeper than other chemical peels. This makes glycolic the most effective and most prevalent of the acids in chemical peels. Our peel also contains salicylic from the beta hydroxy family, excellent for dissolving skin oil and penetrating clogged pores without irritating skin. This is an excellent medical grade peel ingredient for those suffering from acne and rosacea. Finally, our monthly peel contains a calming botanical complex of dermaceutical ingredients, all natural ingredients that calm and soothe the skin along with a B5 hyaluronate complex to moisturize and rehydrate the skin. As the peel removes the top layer of skin, these botanical ingredients draw moisture into the skin, increasing the skin’s moisture content by 300%. Bottom line-Monthly face peeling reduces skin wrinkling, tightens and strengthens the skin, eliminates blotchy patches, evens skin tone, and is the best treatment to prevent free radical damage and non-melanoma skin cancer.