Tzone Cosmeceutical/Dermaceutical Skin Repair Products

There is nothing more powerful than the skins inherent ability to heal itself as long as it is provided with proper skin care and Tzone lifetime monthly and complimentary 30% glycolic acid face peels.

Tzone Core Essentials

Hydrating and Conditioning Coconut Cleanser-4 oz.-$33.50
Sulfate free and Chemical free for break-out prone- dry- sensitive and allergy prone skin-revitalizes skin tone and elasticity-antioxidants disarm free radicals-softens-conditions and hydrates environmental and sun damaged skin.
Hydrating Seaweed Toner-4 oz.-$35.50
Sulfate and Chemical free-calms-hydrates and softens-revitalizes complextion-combats redness and razor burn-natures most nutrient rich seaweed plant enhances the skin’s ability to repair itself-balances natural pH skin levels.
Intensive Moisturizing Treatment - 2 oz. - $47.50
A special intense hydrating moisturizer made with bio-fermentation technology derived from red marine algae along the shores of Hawaii. Increases collagen stimulation and hydration by 70% in four weeks.
Oil-Free Moisturizing Treatment - 2 oz. - $39.50
A lightweight oil free fluffy creme moisturizer to condition, tone and purify the complexion with added antioxidants A, C, and E.
Skin Lightener with 3% Kojic Acid and 2% Hydroquinone - 1 oz. - $42.50
A fragrance free, light gel to lighten and even out skin tone and discoloration due to sun spots, pregnancy mask and hyperpigmentation.
Eye and Throat Hydro-Tightening Treatment - 1 oz. - $37.50
Hydolized Elastin, Matricaria Oil and Hyaluroric Acid are the components in this eye and throat cream designed to hydrate and tighten these delicate areas.
Clarifying Antioxidant Wrinkle Reducing Peptide Mask-2 oz.-$52
CoQ10, Red Tea, Hyaluronic, 3 Peptides and transforming Neroli improve skin elasticity, skin tone and skin texture, keep the skin blemish free and increase collagen and elastin production keeping the skin smooth and wrinkle free. Weekly use has a cumulative anti-aging skin rejuvenating effect.
Shea Body Butter with Peptides, Red Marine Algae & Japanese Green Tea – 8 oz. $31.50
For all skin types experiencing dehydration, irritated and cracked skin. The Shea Butter is extracted from the pit of the fruit that grows in Central Africa to protect the skin from harsh sun and to hydrate from loss of skin moisture.
KEY INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: 3d Lip Plump Complex –Targets & boosts fat cell regeneration Hydracell Complex-Reduces Trans Epidermal Water Loss Argan-Mongonga-Marula Oils-Conditions & hydrates lips Sodium Hyaluronate-Increases volume & smooths lips.