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Beauty Worth the Investment
Written by Linda Palacios
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Beauty Worth the Investment

"One of the biggest things about indulgences and splurges is it's different for everybody," FACEing Owner Nancy Dawson says. "What somebody thinks is really important may not be important to the next person."

So the first step to figuring out whether something is worth your money is deciding whether the desired result is a priority in your beauty desires. Dawson has some clients who "spend a fortune on skincare" so that they don't have to wear as much makeup while she has other clients who put their money toward a quality foundation, she says. "It's really about what you prioritize as what's important to you," Dawson says.

Once you know what tops your priority list, use the information below to help you decide how you can use your money to get what you want. Or use the info to help you figure out where you want to place your beauty emphasis.

Priority: Quality Skin

Investment: Tzone Skin Care™ glycolic peels

Splurge Scoop: "I think the biggest thing for just about any skincare concern is glycolic peels," Dawson says. "Glycolic peels will address sun damage, fine lines, acne — I mean just about every hot button that a woman would have."

Dawson recommends local company Tzone, as they offer a free monthly glycolic peel to clients who maintain a Tzone home care program of at least four essential products. "That's a really good deal because at most spas, you're going to be spending at least $100 for your monthly glycolic," Dawson says.

Eliminating Laugh Lines
Written by Linda Palacios
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Eliminating Laugh Lines

You have the right to pursue happiness — without the worry of wrinkles. Learn how one local company can keep you naturally beautiful with their natural skincare line that fights those fine lines.

Laughter serves as such a positive aspect of life, but after years of smiling and laughing, your sense of humor can take a toll on your face. Hundreds of laughs on top of thousands of smiles begin to make their mark, but Tzone Skin Care™ Owner Helena Armour shares her expertise that will keep you smiling by getting rid of those fine lines and wrinkles.

When it comes to tackling any lines or wrinkles, Armour recommends three different products: vitamin C, peptides and Retin-A (vitamin A). Vitamin C promotes natural collagen production. As collagen promotes skin strength and elasticity, it provides for fresher, more youthful skin. The lack of collagen production can lead to wrinkles, and jump starting that production can have the opposite effect.

Peptide treatments really have been making a mark on the dermaceutical industry recently, and they are "here to stay," Armour says. These mighty warriors mimic botox, as they inhibit certain facial muscles from moving, preventing more lines. Peptides are great for marionette lines, also called smile lines, Armour says.

Beyond benefitting your eyes and color vision, vitamin A actually can repair fine lines too. And Retin-A works excellently to repair acne and scaring, Armour says. Vitamin A also brightens your complexion, as it sheds dead cells.

Both vitamin C and vitamin A can be ingested, but rarely does this help your skin. When these vitamins are taken orally, their beneficial properties help many different organs, but after going from the liver to the lungs, the benefits don't reach the skin. This is why Armour recommends a topical product that goes directly on the skin, which absorbs the product immediately.

Tzone Skin Care™ offers these topical products among their other skincare and makeup selections. As the company is a cosmeceutical/dermaceutical supplier, these products have the highest strength the Food and Drug Administration allows without a prescription.

To make your products more effective, Tzone Skin Care™ offers monthly 30 percent glycolic acid face peels complimentary to customers who buy at least four skincare products every three months. This treatment strips the skin of dead cells and removes free radicals that can damage your skin. With these removed, skincare products do not meet them as a barrier from absorption, so the skin receives the full benefits of the products.

Rock Your Look with Mineral Makeup
Written by Katie Sayers

Rock Your Look with Mineral Makeup

Whether you want to repair skin damage or make yourself look years younger, mineral makeup will do the trick. Read on to learn how.

Tzone President Helena Armour felt frustrated that Americans could not afford a good skin repair program that would protect them from environmental damage such as skin cancer and protect them from premature aging, so she created her own line.

Looking years younger doesn't have to cost you a fortune or require you to undergo any extreme procedures. To put that sparkle back in your skin, mineral makeup should be a part of your daily routine. Not only does it protect your skin from environmental damage and prevent premature aging, mineral makeup also gives skin a natural face lift with its light-diffusing properties.

Until recently, mineral makeup was only found in dermatologists' and plastic surgeons' offices. Now these products are easily available, but Cincinnati-based Tzone Cosmeceutical Skin Care offers a unique, mid-priced product line that gives you more than just a beautiful glow. After many years in the medical spa consulting industry, Tzone President Helena Armour felt frustrated that Americans could not afford a good skin repair program that would protect them from environmental damage such as skin cancer and protect them from premature aging, so she created her own line. "Mineral makeup is made with pure titanium dioxide and zinc oxide with no added oils, perfumes or dyes," she says. "It has the added benefit of SPF 15, is endorsed by the American Cancer Foundation, and does a wonderful job healing rosacea and acne as well as making you look light years younger," she says.

Since Tzone is a cosmeceutical skin repair company, the strength of its products is much more effective than other cosmetic companies. "Cosmeceuticals are one step below in strength from needing a prescription from a doctor and the highest strength of an ingredient allowed by the FDA to effectively repair acne, rosacea, sun damage and premature aging," Armour says. "Our products range from effective skin lighteners and vitamin C cremes that repair sun and collagen damage to peptide treatments that act as a non-toxic form of Botox to repair deep facial lines. We also offer tinted mineral SPF sunscreens to protect the skin from environmental and free-radical damage."

While Tzone offers several mineral products, its loose or pressed foundation and liquid mineral foundation are its most popular products because of the SPF protection and the age-defying look achieved. When clients maintain a home-care program using Tzone products, Tzone offers a lifetime monthly glycolic peel formula. A glycolic peel erases environmental and premature skin damage, reduces fine lines, evens out the skin tone. and boosts moisture levels.

Besides using Tzone products, Armour has a couple tips to maintain healthy skin. "Stay away from tanning booths because they are more damaging than direct sunlight. Also, always wear an SPF protectant even during the winter months," she says. "Invest in a basic four good-skin regime: one cleanser, one toner, one specific treatment that relates to your particular skin issue (e.g.: dark circles or deep lines) and one good face moisturizer."

To ensure the company invests all its capital in the quality of the skin care rather than in advertising campaigns (which, in turn, creates a higher retail price for the consumer), Tzone only markets its products by word of mouth. "We have a very high client retention because they know they are getting excellent skin care at half the cost our leading cosmeceutical competitors charge for the same product type," Armour says.



Our representatives are Tzone Skin Care™. So who better to hear from about the energy, passion and successes of our consultant program then our reps themselves.

- Tzone Representatives serving clients in North Carolina and Ohio

I have been a loyal customer of the Tzone Skin Care™ line now for at least 1 ½ years and the transformation has been amazing. Approximately 2 years ago I began the "Menopause" journey and what an "adventure" it has been. The most disturbing changes in my body were not the hot flashes, headaches or emotional swings but the changes to my skin. The hormone change brought about an onset of adult acne and skin discolorations that I had never experienced before. I felt lost on what to do and how to treat my skin issues until I talked to Sandi about the Tzone line of skin care. I was skeptical at first, hoping that my skin would not react in a negative way to the products. To my surprise, this was not the case at all. My skin improves with every peel treatment and product use. The products that has made the most dramatic transformations to my skin are the Extreme Retinol Vitamin A cream and Extreme 20% Vitamin C serum. I am lost without them.

- Roxanne Krieg

My client attributes Tzone to having her skin healthy enough for a Fraxl dermatology procedure. Thank you!!

- Jennifer-Tzone Rep

Tzone's neck and eye firming cream rocks! My lids are no longer droopy!!

- Testimonial!!!

- Before & After

"I love being a Tzone representative and sharing the wonderful products with my friends.  I have a flexible schedule that allows me to be available for my four children while having the opportunity to make some extra money. The most rewarding part is setting my friends and clients "free" from confusing and overpriced cosmetic counters!"

- Donna

"After being a stay at home mom for 14 years and leaving a career in the cosmetic industry, Tzone was the answer to my prayers.  I am currently at the stage of life where my kids are becoming more independent but not sole sufficient.  I was desperately in need of something of my own and along came Tzone.  I absolutely love what this product line has done for my skin, my independence and my self esteem."

- Nancy

"I love Tzone. After having my first peel I was hooked. I could not wait to find out more and become a Tzone representative.  Tzone Skin Care™ is stellar not to mention seeing your clients skin improve with each monthly Glycolic peel. I am so proud to be able to represent Tzone to my clients."

- April

Tzone is great product that works!  I love representing such a powerful line of product.  And beyond that, I love the Tzone Community.  There is something fantastic about getting together with clients once a month to connect with a glycolic peel!

At 40, I was referred to Tzone by a friend when I was complaining about the dark spots on my face getting darker when I would go in the sun.  I had bad acne during high school and had some scarring.  I went to see Helena and started using the lightener right away.  Within a few months my spots were almost gone.  Three years has past since I first started the monthly peels and my skin keeps looking better and better.  It is the healthiest its ever been.  My pores are smaller and I have few to no wrinkles.  Not only has Tzone improved my appearance, but my self confidence is higher because I feel so much better about myself.

- Before & After

In 2004 I took a leap of faith and left a corporate career in medical spa management and consulting to start my own skin repair company. Why? Because it pained me to see so many men and women feel defeated because they could not consistently afford corrective cosmetic techniques such as all natural medical, grade, alpha Hydroxy peeling & medical grade home care products that are necessary to reverse damaged and aging skin. At that time I also made a commitment that no matter how large Tzone would grow, I would always remain hands on and service a clientele with skin repair to make sure I always witness excellent results for all the promises our industry desires to deliver with ever-increasing & constant changing anti-aging technology. The promise I made thirteen years ago still remains today. If science & technology improve a formula to protect skin from undue aging stress-Tzone is the first to offer it.

Helena Armour - Founder

"I have been working with a young woman who spends a fortune with a dermatologist, getting peels and buying their products, to treat her acne. In just 2 months, her skin has improved dramatically using T4 Skin Care and H Skin Repair products. Her most recent peel caused her a little concern because she had some serious flaking but the results have been profound. She's not yet ready to break up with her dermatologist but almost. When she goes back, she's sure they will be amazed at what our products were able to achieve in such a short period of time."

Elizabeth Collins- T4 + H Skin Repair Specialist

“I’m a 12 year licensed esthetician and am going out on my own in just a few months. One of our long term plastic surgery clients uses your T4 Skin Care + H Skin Repair line and loves it! Her skin is beautiful and I respect and trust her recommendations. I would like to offer your products to my clients when my new business opens”

- Before & After

"I wanted to share with you the fabulous results from the t4 hair serum!
My son has been using it for 3 weeks. He has the Stephens curse of the receding hair line! He has sold 2 for me because people have asked what he is using to thicken his hair!!!"

Cathy Stephens- T4 + H Skin Specialist

"So I'm feeling really grateful today. To think how close I came to choosing Bio Elements as my skin care makes me so grateful. I don't know if I ever told you that Bio Elements was supposed to fly down here from Chicago and meet with me and the day of the meeting they canceled. Which was really annoying because I had marked my book off. But thank goodness that they did because God intervened and I found you! and T4 Skin Care + H Skin Repair. I hope you are having a blessed new year."
Peace and love,

Tracy Adams-Esthetician

- Before & After

"I started using the T4 Skin Care + H Skin Repair products in 2007 after I had had surgery for basil cell cancer on my face. My scar literally vanished in 3 months. I have been a consultant for T4 + H Skin since the fall of 2009."

Laurie L. Wilson
L. Wilson Group, LLC

"Hi Helena! This is Elizabeth Isaacs. I wanted you to know that I am so grateful for T4 + H Skin Repair. It has improved my skin tremendously in the last couple weeks. My son is using the products and they have improved his skin as well. Thank you! It's been a couple months and we are ready to reorder. We are low on H Skin Repair moisturizer and H SPF zinc for daytime. My son and I are using the peels. The 30% is great. My son does well with the 10%. My son's skin has improved. He still has a few breakouts, especially when he skips a day and/or night . My skin has greatly improved. I wouldn't dare skip a day or night."

- Before & After

“I love the T4 Products that I am using. I had been using Tretinoin Crème .1% from the Obagi line. I ran out just before starting your T4 products and have been using T4 for about 8 weeks now, my hairdresser, who got hooked on Obagi a few years ago, commented that my skin looked awesome. She was amazed at how the puffiness under my eyes is starting to diminish with your T4 Eye Lift Crème. Thank-you for creating an eye crème that actually works”.

“I did a T4 15% Glycolic-Pyruvic + Lactic All Natural Face + Body Peel and went to my dermatologist and this was the first time in 8 years that he did not have to burn anything off my face! I have been using T4 for a year now and am so happy with my results! Thought that would make you smile:)”.

“I was so excited this week to hear from so many who have tried the new H Skin Repair 7% Zinc Intense SPF 30 Moisture Creme-- Island tested in Jamaica by one of my toughest clients… and not a freckle, or hint of pink. She was thrilled.”

Kristen Crowley-T4 Skin Care Specialist

“I was using Lytera Skin Brightening Complex & Lytera Retinol .25 and a friend of mine told me about your T4 Sun Spot & Age Spot Remover that has the same ingredients as Lytera at an exceptional retail value and your H Skin Repair 5% Retinol Serum with Lactic & Niamicide that has transformed her skin. I am grateful she told me about your H Skin Repair hidden skin rejuvenating jewels”.

"By the way, my son is in love with the t4 salicylic gel- his face has never looked so clear- we were just talking about it last night- his nose is perfectly clear of blackheads and this is a former cystic acne sufferer. Plus, he has hardly any scarring at all. While his cousin who took Accutane has cheeks full of scars. Anyway FYI and have great day"

Angela Burns- Esthetician