Become a Tzone Skin Care Consultant

We are currently looking for Tzone Skin Care™ consultants to sell our products that include lifetime monthly complimentary 30% glycolic all natural miracle face peels through direct sales.

If you are interested in this effort, either by hosting a Tzone Skin Care™ Clinic or becoming a Tzone Skin Consultant, please fill out the form below to receive additional information.

You can also view our FAQ that answer some of the questions you may have.

FAQ About Becoming A Tzone Independent Skin Repair Consultant

1.) Is Tzone A Multi-Level Sales Company?

No. Tzone is a privately owned corporation that distributes its exceptional skin repair product line & complimentary monthly glycolic peel service through independent professionals who work for themselves. Tzone is a straight shooting, fair minded company that believes in compensating its independent contractors extremely well for the direct complimentary peel service & Tzone skin repair products they provide to their clients. There are no gimmicks involved or minimum inventory product purchases necessary to represent Tzone. The company also pays an excellent ongoing commission structure to Independent Tzone Consultants who introduce Tzone as a career opportunity to others as well as monthly & yearly bonuses for those Consultants who build a reputable Tzone service business providing consumers with excellent skin repair & maintenance.

2.) What Starts Up Costs Are Involved In Becoming A Tzone Independent Consultant?

There virtually are none and it was a purposeful intention of the Tzone Company that Independent Consultants not risk out-of-pocket money to represent their skin repair service & product line. Tzone is more interested in Independent Consultants being successful at representing their service and product. The company would rather remain small and maintain an excellent reputation for providing educated & successful Skin Repair Consultants to end- consumers & excellent skin repair to end-consumers rather than profit privately at the expense of Tzone Consultants & consumers alike.

3.) What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Tzone Skin Repair Consultant?

A Tzone Skin Repair Consultant must be an end-user of Tzone’s complimentary peels & products. A contractor’s best testimony is their own skin repair results using the Tzone products & experiencing the glycolic peels themselves. You will see an immediate result even after one glycolic peel application but people start commentating on an extremely noticeable changed appearance to the health of the facial skin of a client who has been faithfully consistent using the Tzone program for 3 or 4 months. Tzone is not about burning & churning its representatives or clients. Tzone stands for excellent, healthy skin that is affordable to maintain & extremely pleasant to receive as a service.

4.) Why Choose Tzone Over Other Skin Product Direct Sales Companies?

Tzone prides itself over its low turnover & high retention of Independent Contractors & end-consumers alike because it’s a no-nonsense, grass-roots, education based company that delivers extremely excellent skin results. Clients are satisfied because they are receiving a monthly service that keeps the health & hygiene of their skin in excellent shape-- no different that visiting a dentist for the maintenance of healthy teeth. Independent Contractors are satisfied because they do not feel a pressure that they are just “selling” needless product to clients. Rather, Tzone Consultants service their clients on a monthly basis with the number 2 most requested non-invasive plastic surgery procedure in the United States, chemical peeling. Everyone needs basic home skin care to protect their skin from the environment & many clients have experienced beyond a shadow of a doubt-- that if they fall behind schedule in their monthly complimentary peel it shows in the dull appearance of their skin. Consultants never feel like they are pressuring their clients to support them, clients appreciate the complimentary facial health care that is being provided to them on a monthly basis.